Halloween @ DARK REFUGE

 Sunday, 31st
12 PM SLT / 21:00 CET

with our DJs

Bionic4U Baxter
a funny ride between Industrial, EBM and Rock...totally Biological *gg

DJ Ruben Schumann
...also known as Turnips DJ or veggie tomcat *gg


2010-week 36 : Schedule/Wochenplan

more than only party, more than a kinky music fetish club!
Visit and enjoy our Naughty Beach with the beachhouse, the Rubber Refuge, the Shibari Garden, our wild romantic RockBay. Day over relax, fun, games. Check th teleporters, try the double wheel and sailing boat. Climb the Lighthouse.
Shops for rent. Contact: Linda Paine

Schedule / Wochenplan:

MONDAY/Montag (06.)
from 12 pm SLT / 21:00 PM CET

DJ Ves Spyker
The DJ who has everything ...
except all his marbles

TUESDAY/Dienstag (07.)
From 12 pm SLT / 21:00 CET

DJane LadyMarmelade
Finest of Rock Classics
WEDNESDAY/Mittwoch (08.)
from 12 pm SLT / 21:00 CET

DJane Nova Sakigake
Music to blow your brain!

DJ WhiteTigerMaster
Greatest rock of all time
THURSDAY/Donnerstag (09.)
from 12 pm SLT / 21:00 CET

Bionic4U Baxter
a funny ride between Industrial, EBM and Rock
FRIDAY/Freitag (10.)
from 12 pm SLT / 21:00 CET

DJ Racheengel Binder
Rock, Goth, Metal...
SATURDAY/Samstag (11.)
from 12 pm SLT / 21:00 CET

Djane Amancairwen Gothly
Goth and dark music... and fun!

SUNDAY/Sonntag (12.)
from 12 pm SLT / 21:00 CET

DJ Ruben Schumann
...also known as Turnips DJ or veggie tomcat *gg

Easy going on Sunday....
Relaxing...but not boring...far away from mainstream...




Funtastic! The Latex-Fashionshow @ DARK REFUGE

Pictures of  a Show
Click to enlarge/ zum vergrößern anklicken
Dead end ^^

Thank you to all guests (peak 63 people on the sim), the great DR-Family (Cosma in special), the designers, models and DJ's that you all made it come true!


Latex-FashionShow - the end of a great LatexFashionweek

Today the Big Final of an awesome LatexFashionWeek @DARK REFUGE.

The Big Latex-Fashion-Show with all the designers of the week:

LaVa, Elixir, Chey´s Spicy Outfits,
Catch It, POC, Kayliwulf Kingdom.
We start at 3 AM SLT/ 18:00 CET 
Afterparty starts at 12 PM SLT/ 21:00 CET
with DJ Ruben - same location.

Heute das große festliche Ende unserer LatexfashionWeek @ DARK REFUGE.

Große Latex-Modenschau mit allen Designern der Woche:
LaVa, Elixir, Chey´s Spicy Outfits,
Catch It, POC, Kayliwulf Kingdom.
Es beginnt um18:00 CET 
Die Afterparty beginnt um21:00 Uhr
with DJ Ruben in der selben Location


LatexFashionWeek - POC 10% off only today

Today POC-power of creations!!! 10% off for all designs showed in the club from now on! And there are many different designs!
And that's not all - Try to get Storecards from POC!
Dresscode today: PINK!
Party rocks at 12 PM SLT/21:00 CET /LM attached
Heute POC-power of creations!! 10% Rabatt für alle ausgestellten Designs ab sofort! Und das sind viele!
Das ist noch nicht alles: Versucht eine Storecard zu bekommen von POC.
Dresscode heute: PINK!
Die Party rockt heute ab 21:00 Uhr MEZ / LM anbei

Find us here:


1st Day LatexFashionWeek - LaVa

Der erste Tag der LatexFashionWeek am Montag, Dresscode: Orange
Zu Gast: das neue Label "LaVa"
First Day of the LatexfashionWeek last Monday. Dresscode Orange
As guest: the new Label "LaVa"

Above: The Designer herself: Latexania Valeska
(click pictures to enlarge/zum vergrößern Bilder anklicken)
Linda made the draw and pulled 4 names for four Outfits
 Glücksfee Linda bei der Ziehung von Namen für vier Outfits

Second day today: "Elixir", Dresscode yellow and blue.
Again great prices.

The way to DARK REFUGE:



Latexfashion Week at  DARK REFUGE
-the kinky music fetish club-

August, 16th to 22th / 16. - 22 August 2010
All days from   21:00 CET / 12 PM SL-Time
The Program
click to enlarge the poster / Zum vergrößern klicken

Monday  16. - Label LaVa
DJ Roy Zane - Tombola:  3 Outfits
Dresscode: Orange

Tuesday  17. - Label Elixir
DJane LadyMarmelade - Contest Outfits and Giftcards
Dresscode: yellow and blue

Wednesday 18. - Chey´s Spicy Outfits
DJane MiaDragon - You can gamble for 3 Outfits
Dresscode: Violett

Thursday  19. -  Label Catch it
DJ Bionic4U Baxter - Contest für Outfits and Giftcards for all  -
Dresscode:  Black and Red

Friday 20. - POC- powers of creation
DJ Racheengel - you can gamble some high price Storecards
Dresscode: Pink

Saturday 21. - Kayliwulf Kingdom
DJane Vinx - Contest best white/black Latexcouple (valuable Outfit-Giftcard), Giftcards for ALL Guests)
Dresscode: Black and White

Sunday 22.- FASHIONSHOW with all Labels
Extra-Landmark to the  Catwalk:
Starttime: 18:00 CET / 9 AM SL-Time
AFTERPARTY with DJ Ruben (around 21;00 CET / 12 PM SL-Time)

regular Adress:


Pictures - ReOpening DARK REFUGE on a new sim

DARK REFUGE in Festbeleuchtung /Illumination

(Auf Bilder klicken zum vergrößern / click pictures to enlarge)

Let the party begin with DJane Amancairwen Gothly

Warten auf den Auftritt / The Pallas Showgirls are waiting backstage...

...während die Party läuft / ...while the party is running

The Pallas Show Girls in action

Big Firework

Und die Party geht weiter / and the party goes on

DJ Ves Spyker on tunes open end:

Das Fazit / The conclusion:
Bis zu 66 Gäste / Peak at 66 people
Wenig Lag zu all unserer Überraschung / Low lag for our all surprise

Es war Spitze / It was all awesome

Thank you all!!!!!


Grand Reopening on a New Island - Thursday 12th of August

We are proud to invite you all / Wir freuen uns euch endlich einladen zu können:

Some Impressions (click to enlarge)
Shops for rent
  Nude Beach
Rock Bay

Heave a great time at:


DARK REFUGE on Tour: Club Latexia- club of the famous Latexdolls

Sunday to Wednesday we are guest at Club Latexia
The club of the famous Latexdolls
We start at Sunday, 12 PM SLT/21:00 CET 
with DJ Ruben Schuman
Followed Monday with DK Roy Zane, Tuesday Nova Sakigake (back to DARK REFUGE),
Wednesday MiaDragon Kohime and Nightshift with WhiteTigerMaster Ninetails.
 Here the Spaceship to Latexia:
Some impressions from the Demolition-After-Party there: